Our team

Amund Lie   Cinematographer 

Norwegian by birth but not necessarily of heart, Amund feel at home anywhere there is good diving.  Amund is trained as a film camera man at The London Film School class 167 of 1990/91 - The Art and Technique of Film. 

Amund is a certified CCR/rebreather diver and has both  level 1 and R commercial diving certificates from Direcorate of Labour Inspection Norway / Petroleum Safety Authority.   

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Stephan Tschudi Madsen  Solution provider / cameraman 

Stephan has been a diver and videographer for over 20 years.  He tries to spend as much time as possible under the surface between travel and work hours. Stephan supports Amund as cameraman , problem solver  and security diver. 

Stephan is a certified trimix/CCR rebreather diver.